Keeping The Creative Spark

Sometimes it’s just as easy as getting out of your chair and hopping around like a weirdo.

How can we keep creativity around? Is it possible to call up at any point?

Between being a web designer at work and a musician at home. How do I balance the need to stay creative?

I believe that it is possible to be creative at any point in time, even when you feel all is lost and you cannot make one more brush stroke or hum one more tune. Here I’ll offer up a few tips on staying creative.

Score it

Add some music to change your mood. If you’re already listening to music, change the tune or listen to a different genre. One good way to go about changing your mood with music is listening to the ol’ iPod on shuffle.


The idea here is to get your mind off of whatever is distracting it. Lets get back to that quote about hopping around like a weirdo. My favorite way to get out of any negative feelings that are holding me back from my work is to get out of my chair and go for a lap around my building. I usually skip at some point on this walk. Yes, I may look like an idiot, but who really cares? It makes me laugh at myself uncontrollably. Laughing enough that by the time I get back to my desk, I’m ready to go with a clear head and clear mind.

Prime it

Figure out what gets your mind going creatively when you are at your peak and surround yourself with it. Is it a certain painting? A lucky penny? Calling a good friend for a laugh? Whatever it is, keep it around when you are working.

Don’t forget about this great article over at A List Apart titled “Staying Motivated“, which I have pinned to the wall right next to my desk at work.

Good luck!


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