We’ve been working in the web design industry for over 10 years, and worked both as in-house web designers for major corporations, and freelance designers, completing a number of personal projects. These are a few of the highlights of our work over the past few years. Also, we’ve got a list of current projects, which are projects that we’re either openly working on or have been put on the backburner for some reason or another. You know, it happens.

Current Projects

New England Sports Network –

wk-media.nesn.comJeff has managed a NESN property running on WordPress for over two years. The site powers NESN’s photo galleries, and has been the source of some of the largest traffic spikes in history, with the busiest month garnering over 3.4 million page views (Quantcast).

New England Sports Network –

wk-nesnJeff has been responsible for overseeing design and techincal changes to since December 2007. The site has seen exponential growth in recent years, with November 2011 peaking at over 13.6 million page views (Quantcast).

Past Projects

Insurance Gorilla

wk-insgorInsurance Gorilla is a side project of Jeff’s, which is still a work in progress. The cool thing about not having any traffic on your site yet is the fact that you can develop on the live site! Insurance Gorilla is basically a site designed to experiment with working in WordPress. In case you haven’t heard, WordPress is a fantastic open-source blog publishing platform, that you can configure to work as a content management system. The goal of is to become an aggregate for insurance industry news, and a resource center containing all types of insurance tools and guides. Its something we need to know more about, so it made sense to build a site around it. You may be asking yourself, “Insurance Gorilla? What the hell?” We figured, if people let a chimp handle their mail (MailChimp) and a monkey their surveys (SurveyMonkey), then why wouldn’t they let a Gorilla handle their insurance needs? Plus, gorillas are way cooler than chimps or monkeys.

Russ Pelletier

wk-rpcomEveryone who has a child who is a web designer needs a custom site design of their own. Lucky for Russ, he’s got a double wallop of son/web designer hybrids. Its been a long time coming, but Kev and Jeff are finally getting around to designing a real estate web site for good ‘ol Pops. is built in WordPress, so that the content is easily updated by the client after the design work is complete. This separation helps keep your precious design work safe, and curb the issue that has plagued designers for years: the second you hand off your perfect HTML and CSS to the client, everything starts breaking as they stick their heads under the hood. We also decided to go with an “oversized background image” for this site, as not only is it a popular trend in web design right now, it works very nicely with a real estate site. Fortunately, beautiful landscape images are pretty easy to come by on Cape Cod.

Marketing Panther

wk-marpanLaunched in April 2008, was the first site that Jeff built in WordPress. Marketing Panther is the brain of Jeff Pelletier with regards to marketing dumped into a web site. Jeff served in a marketing department for 3 years as a Web Marketing Manager, and this web site is the culmination of the knowledge gained while in this position. There’s a wealth of search engine optimization knowledge, tutorials, and resources. Jeff has worked with 2 separate search engine optimization firms, and all the industry standards and best practices are shared on There’s also a blog Jeff hasn’t posted to for a while, well, because he’s been working on this site. If you’ve got a question regarding search engine optimization, or about any other new media form or traditional marketing method, check out

Vertical Communications

wk-vertThis was the proving ground for Jeff’s web design career. He served as the full-time web designer for Vertical Communications for 3 years, handling the transition and absorption of 3 additional domains into the domain. Jeff helped translate into a completely compliant XHTML 1.0 Transitional domain, while doing all Flash work, and search engine optimization for the site. Since he worked on the site, the company has gone somewhat downhill, and we’re not sure they even employ a web designer, so if the code quality has degraded, all we can say is that it’s out of our hands. Its the classic example of client hand-off that we mentioned above. A web site of any substantial size requires a full-time employee to manage and maintain, strictly from a code perspective, or things just start to fall apart. Jeff helped bring Vertical through an entire rebranding process, which included a complete redesign of the web site.


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