Withinsight Design is a design studio currently consisting of the brothers Jeff and Kevin Pelletier. They’re both professional web designers who have more than 10 years of web design experience. Both have been working in corporate environments as the sole web designers for rather large web sites for some time. In addition to their full-time gigs, both Kevin and Jeff work in the field in their spare time, on both freelance and personal web projects.

Jeff was able to attend An Event Apart Boston 2008, and was witness to plenty of blissful industry knowledge, imparted by such fascinating speakers as, but not limited to: Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Jared Spool, Peter-Paul Koch, Andy Budd, Luke Wroblewski, and Ethan Marcotte. Jeff also got to get on stage with Jeffrey Zeldman, and review one of his own personal projects (www.marketingpanther.com) with the master. This was the highlight of the conference for Jeff, with the exception of the Media Temple party.

“Ain’t no party like a Media Temple party, cause a Media Temple party don’t stop.”

The Withinsight moniker is a brand that brother Jeff created and has been heavily influenced by for many years. The explanation for “withinsight” goes a little something like this:

“When creating the withinsight name, I wanted to draw on a few of the core principles that I uphold in all my work and life. It was something that I wanted to do for myself, to have something to strive for, in an intelligent fashion. Plus, I just plain like stuff that has a sense of duality. Therefore, “withinsight” seemed to fit this definition perfectly, as I like to keep my goals “wihin sight”, and I like to think I pave the road to reach those goals “with insight”. Plus, Kev likes to refer to this web site as the “within SITE”, so we just had to keep it.” – Jeff Pelletier

Kev tends to focus on the creative aspect of things. You know, swirly lines and shiny objects. As a seasoned musician and web designer, he enjoys finding creativity and inspiration in anything and everything.

With a brand name settled upon, we had to find a way to communicate this effectively through logo design. With the idea of “sight” in mind, we sketched many different possiblities, and desiged a logo that communicates the actual text “in” within a vector abstraction of an eye, therefore communicating the idea of “sight”. We tend to think it came out nice:


So that’s the gist. We’re just two bros who love design & development. If you’d like to contact us for any reason, drop us a line over at our contact form. Cheers!


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